Philipp J. Veit.


T +49 30 856212-0
F +49 30 856212-12

Languages: German and English


Studied at the Universities of Göttingen, Berlin and Trier. Lawyer since 1996. Partner.

Mr Veit’s work mainly focuses on providing comprehensive support to SME and start-up clients in the field of commercial and business law. This assistance particularly includes drafting and negotiating contracts, as well as (tactically and strategically) assisting owners and managing directors with negotiations. His clientele includes one of Germany’s largest automotive trade groups, and innovative and manufacturing companies based in Berlin.

In the field of inheritance law, Mr Veit’s areas of expertise particularly involve settling communities of heirs and arranging company succession.

Mr Veit has over two decades of experience in conducting cases.

Areas of activity.

Inheritance law

Partnerschaft combines inheritance law issues with company law structures and counsels entrepreneurs and shareholders on succession planning and drafting wills.

Company law

Partnerschaft advises on legislation governing limited liability companies and partnerships on formation, with respect to participation agreements, shareholder agreements, corporate actions and liability of management bodies, as well as in the field of corporate compliance.

Partnerschaft helps medium-sized family-owned enterprises, which often have complicated ownership structures, to find workable arrangements in line with parties’ interests.

Partnerschaft advises companies during the foundation phase and oversees growth and the exit stage too.