Eleni Zosi.

LL.M (Berlin), MBA (ESCP Business School).
Dikigoros (Lawyer).

T +49 30 856212-0
F +49 30 856212-12

Languages: German and English


Studied in Athens (Greece); completed a Master’s (LL.M.) in Berlin in 2003 and an Executive MBA at ESCP Business School (Berlin, Paris, London, Turin and Madrid) in 2012/2013. Dikigoros (Greek lawyer) since 1997; admitted to the Berlin Bar Association in 2003.

Ms Zosi’s practice focuses on national and international clients comprising private individuals and SMEs, particularly with respect to Greece, in the field of property law (examining and drafting property purchase contracts and residential and commercial leases), private construction law, company law, employment law, traffic law, administrative offences law, debt collection and enforcement.

Ms Zosi also focuses on preparing opinions of counsel (in inheritance law and commercial law, to name but two examples) both with regard to both Greek and German law.

Areas of activity.

Construction law

Partnerschaft provides in-court and out-of-court enforcement and defence services in the field of private construction and architectural law.

Inheritance law

Partnerschaft combines inheritance law issues with company law structures and counsels entrepreneurs and shareholders on succession planning and drafting wills.

Company law

Partnerschaft advises on legislation governing limited liability companies and partnerships on formation, with respect to participation agreements, shareholder agreements, corporate actions and liability of management bodies, as well as in the field of corporate compliance.

Partnerschaft helps medium-sized family-owned enterprises, which often have complicated ownership structures, to find workable arrangements in line with parties’ interests.

Partnerschaft advises companies during the foundation phase and oversees growth and the exit stage too.

Property law

Partnerschaft dvises on direct and indirect property investments, such as purchase and sale, financing and assistance in real estate development.

In the field of property law, Partnerschaft has an efficient and experienced notary’s office.

Tenancy law

provides counsel and representation in matters pertaining to both residential and commercial tenancy law.

Claims for damages and liability

Partnerschaft has many years of experience in handling liability cases and loss events – both with respect to enforcing and defending claims for damages under the law of obligations. In these areas, stenner. Partnerschaft handles processing of loss events for insurers, policyholders and claimants.