Dr. Klaudia Kunz.


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Languages: German and English


Studied at the Universities of Freiburg, Munich and Frankfurt am Main. PhD in European corporate / insolvency law (‘Insolvency of the European Company (SE)’). Lawyer since 1994.

Dr Klaudia Kunz is the contact for companies. She gives corporate clients comprehensive counsel concerning drafting contracts in the fields of general business law, on issues relating to corporate and insolvency law, and on compliance matters. Dr Kunz adopts a pragmatic and practical approach to her work due to her many years of experience working in an industrial SME within the automotive supply industry.

In the field of company law, Dr Kunz advises holding companies and founders on matters ranging from forming companies and implementing capital-related measures (including legal due diligence), to exiting. Her work on a research project conducted at Dresden University of Technology means she has extensive knowledge in the field of venture capital. Dr Kunz advises family-owned enterprises on the structure of solutions that are in line with both the company’s and the shareholders’ interests.

Her experience as an insolvency administrator means that Dr Kunz is also qualified to advise on issues pertaining to insolvency law.

German Bar Association
Company and Commercial Law Working Group
Berlin Bar Association

Areas of activity.

Company law

Partnerschaft advises on legislation governing limited liability companies and partnerships on formation, with respect to participation agreements, shareholder agreements, corporate actions and liability of management bodies, as well as in the field of corporate compliance.

Partnerschaft helps medium-sized family-owned enterprises, which often have complicated ownership structures, to find workable arrangements in line with parties’ interests.

Partnerschaft advises companies during the foundation phase and oversees growth and the exit stage too.

Insolvency law

Against the backdrop of crises and insolvency, Partnerschaft advises creditors and insolvency debtors and accompanies them throughout insolvency proceedings, assisting with defending and asserting claims for damages asserted by and against the insolvency administrators.