Dr. Daniel Rudolph.


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Languages: German and English


Studied at the University of Münster, and he obtained his PhD from the same university. His PhD thesis dealt with the topic of ‘Safeguarding diversity in the press’. Lawyer since 2007.

Dr Rudolph’s expertise lies in the area of civil property law. His work has included cases on Berlin shopping centres, medical care centres and hospital operators, as well as homeowners and property management companies. He provides advice and legal representation in matters relating to residential and commercial tenancy law, to property transactions, and the enforcement of or defence against claims for damages for defects and damages in the field of construction law. Dr Rudolph has also

advised architects in these matters.

In addition, he focuses on assisting with insured events, liability cases and loss events, including (to name but a few examples) providing counsel in court and out of court to a Berlin-based public utility company and various liability underwriters, plus assisting policyholders with handling coverage and liability proceedings.

Dr Rudolph also advises clients on competition and trademark law.

German Bar Association
Insurance Law Working Group
Tenancy Law Working Group
Berlin Bar Association
German Rental Court Conference

Areas of activity.

Construction law

Partnerschaft provides in-court and out-of-court enforcement and defence services in the field of private construction and architectural law.

Property law

Partnerschaft dvises on direct and indirect property investments, such as purchase and sale, financing and assistance in real estate development.

In the field of property law, Partnerschaft has an efficient and experienced notary’s office.

Tenancy law

provides counsel and representation in matters pertaining to both residential and commercial tenancy law.

Competition law

In matters relating to competition law, Partnerschaft supports competitors and consumers in observing economically fair proceedings and in non-entitled parties’ impermissible use of intellectual property rights (inventions, trademarks, know-how).

Claims for damages and liability

Partnerschaft has many years of experience in handling liability cases and loss events – both with respect to enforcing and defending claims for damages under the law of obligations. In these areas, stenner. Partnerschaft handles processing of loss events for insurers, policyholders and claimants.