Christian Stenner.

Lawyer. Notary.

T +49 30 856212-0
F +49 30 856212-12

Languages: German and English


Trained to become a banker; studied at the Universities of Saarbrücken and Freiburg. Lawyer since 1986. Notary since 1996. Partner.

Mr Stenner’s work primarily focuses on property law and company law, but the notary’s office is the main centre of his activities.

In the field of property law, he mainly drafts, notarises and executes property purchase agreements and mortgage deeds, as well as allocations as per the German Condominium Act (WEG) . His focus on property law also requires him to draft and execute property development contracts.

In the field of company law, he drafts and notarises articles of association for all legal forms of company, such as limited liability companies, public limited companies, limited partnerships, and so on. Subsequently the notary monitoring the execution phase until the company is entered in the commercial register. Another priority of Mr Stenner’s work is notarising resolutions on capital increases, as well as resolutions on mergers, demergers and changes of legal form as per the German Transformation Act.

As a notary, he also drafts last wills and testaments and contracts of inheritance and, in this context, defines the interfaces with company law and property law.

German Bar Association
Notaries of the German Bar Association Working Group
Berlin Bar Association
German-Dutch Business Club Berlin

Areas of activity.

Inheritance law

Partnerschaft combines inheritance law issues with company law structures and counsels entrepreneurs and shareholders on succession planning and drafting wills.

Company law

Partnerschaft advises on legislation governing limited liability companies and partnerships on formation, with respect to participation agreements, shareholder agreements, corporate actions and liability of management bodies, as well as in the field of corporate compliance.

Partnerschaft helps medium-sized family-owned enterprises, which often have complicated ownership structures, to find workable arrangements in line with parties’ interests.

Partnerschaft advises companies during the foundation phase and oversees growth and the exit stage too.

Property law

Partnerschaft dvises on direct and indirect property investments, such as purchase and sale, financing and assistance in real estate development.

In the field of property law, Partnerschaft has an efficient and experienced notary’s office.

Notarial services

As a notary, Mr Stenner’s primarily focuses on matters relating to property and company law, although family and inheritance law transactions are another significant part of his work.

Simple yet urgent matters (notarisations, land charges, affidavits) are naturally handled in a swift and straightforward manner.