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stenner. Partnerschaft

We are
a partnership of qualified and experienced lawyers.

What we all have in common is our open and liberal beliefs, and our work is based on a thorough understanding of how interdisciplinary and economic matters correlate with one another. We provide personal contacts who can draw on their practical experience obtained from different industries and professional backgrounds.

We provide
experience and expertise in business, trade, real estate, the automotive industry, health, insurance, supply, culture, construction, architecture and advertising.

Our specialist fields and priority areas are so diverse that we cover a wide range of different branches of law. We can improve our individual skills and capabilities internally and externally at any time. Teamwork isn’t an end in itself for us; rather, it is a specific tool that we use as needed to expand our potential.

We provide support and advice
to private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, start-ups, family-run and owned enterprises, holding companies and contracting authorities.

We make our clients’ needs our concern; after all, we respect and appreciate every single one of them. In doing so, we form long-term, personal relationships with our clients. We are passionate about providing responsible advice and support.

This defined framework has transformed our law firm into a recognisable and key player in Berlin’s legal landscape. Founded in 1989 by lawyer and notary Christian Stenner, the firm was and still is a partnership of personal and qualified contacts who would be delighted to deal with your legal affairs.


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Nadine Zemke-Wennrich
Sandra Wolf
Emelie Dertli
Katja Gittel
Christin Ballmann

Areas of activity.

Construction law

Partnerschaft provides in-court and out-of-court enforcement and defence services in the field of private construction and architectural law.

Inheritance law

Partnerschaft combines inheritance law issues with company law structures and counsels entrepreneurs and shareholders on succession planning and drafting wills.

Company law

Partnerschaft advises on legislation governing limited liability companies and partnerships on formation, with respect to participation agreements, shareholder agreements, corporate actions and liability of management bodies, as well as in the field of corporate compliance.

Partnerschaft helps medium-sized family-owned enterprises, which often have complicated ownership structures, to find workable arrangements in line with parties’ interests.

Partnerschaft advises companies during the foundation phase and oversees growth and the exit stage too.

Property law

Partnerschaft dvises on direct and indirect property investments, such as purchase and sale, financing and assistance in real estate development.

In the field of property law, Partnerschaft has an efficient and experienced notary’s office.

Insolvency law

Against the backdrop of crises and insolvency, Partnerschaft advises creditors and insolvency debtors and accompanies them throughout insolvency proceedings, assisting with defending and asserting claims for damages asserted by and against the insolvency administrators.

Tenancy law

provides counsel and representation in matters pertaining to both residential and commercial tenancy law.

Public procurement law

Partnerschaft provides advice and assistance relating to public procurement procedures relating to tendering insurance policies.

Insurance law

Partnerschaft advises companies, corporations and public authorities on complex and individual insurance policies, as well as insured events.

Competition law

In matters relating to competition law, Partnerschaft supports competitors and consumers in observing economically fair proceedings and in non-entitled parties’ impermissible use of intellectual property rights (inventions, trademarks, know-how).

Claims for damages and liability

Partnerschaft has many years of experience in handling liability cases and loss events – both with respect to enforcing and defending claims for damages under the law of obligations. In these areas, stenner. Partnerschaft handles processing of loss events for insurers, policyholders and claimants.

Notarial services

As a notary, Mr Stenner’s primarily focuses on matters relating to property and company law, although family and inheritance law transactions are another significant part of his work.

Simple yet urgent matters (notarisations, land charges, affidavits) are naturally handled in a swift and straightforward manner.